Scaling up the MVP

Hacks are vital. They are what got you live in the first place. They saved you money and time and let you learn about customer demand. Nobody should ever tell you not to use hacks! But technical debt will get you in the end. There comes a point when you need to unpick the hacks and create solid foundations for growth. You need your code to be robust, scalable, reliable and consistent. You need high quality baked in from the start, as well as the fail-safe testing and release processes that catch other problems. You probably need a different scale of security, as well.


Everyone at is a craftsperson. We understand exactly what level of process you need at each stage of your development, from the lightest weight framework to serious enterprise scale. We also show people what good looks like, baking in quality from the start. We’re expert in unravelling legacy, adding test coverage and standardising tech. We won’t tell you to throw it all away and invest in some off the shelf system or bespoke product – because we have seen more money and time wasted that way than you can imagine.

Springboard for the future

In short, we can keep what’s special about what you have, but build in the springboard you need for the future. And without any false modesty, that’s not a promise many tech teams can make you.