Stop wasting time

It’s easy to waste a lot of time speaking to various consultancies, interim CTO specialist recruiters or specialist software labs! How do you know if are the right people to speak to?

Take charge of product development

We’ve worked with many companies in exactly this situation to help them build their own development capability inhouse. Owning your own product development offers better, faster and more creative work – plus greater control. It also means putting your code on solid foundations – knowing that instead of the shortcuts and hacks that got you through MVP, you now have rock solid processes and quality that will let you grown the business securely to the next level.

Put strategic leaders in place can help you do all that and more. As well as putting in place a hands-on interim team to lay the foundations right and show your people what quality is by doing, we can also find and qualify excellent developers, team leaders and even the CIO or CTO you need for the long term.