We audit your system’s performance and provide a basic dashboard that will let you monitor how it’s doing. From response time to outages, this is a great system health check tailored to your particular business needs and that you can use going forwards. Making sure you have the right tools will save you time and money.

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This looks at what you want to achieve in the next 6 months and the resource and capability required. It identifies key obstacles – from code quality to cost – and offers recommendations for overcoming them. That can include recommendations for reliable out-sourced partners – often near-shore studios we have worked with – or the key positions and skills that you should look for if you are creating a skeleton in-house team.

The process has been described by one of our clients as “like having an experienced CTO spending a month with you, but somehow condensed into a week! It helped us prioritise and clarify both issues and opportunities. It changed our plans, and I feel certain steered us away from a costly mistake.”

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