We're all developers

Everyone at inhouse.tech is a developer at heart. That means we get stuck in straight away. An urgent feature that customers need? No problem – we’ll build it and in the process of doing so, start laying out best practice, refactoring shaky elements of your system and documenting obscure tangles. All improvements happen best through doing, not through powerpoint presentations or process diagrams or lengthy reports.

Immediate value

That means that we can work with what you have to deliver improvements straight away, meaning you see actual value in weeks not months. We can also help you work on the bigger strategic projects that are vital for future growth and expansion – the promise that persuaded people to invest in you or sign up for your service.

Fast feedback

These more ambitious products often require a really fast feedback loop, a greater level of creativity and a perfect communication between owner and developer. A studio – no matter how good, or how cheap – can never deliver this as effectively as your own team.